Samatol- An effort to correct the social imbalance

Samatol- An effort to correct the social imbalance ..

Camp Ceremony (Milap)

Samatol Foundation is working constantly on the goal of Child Friendly Society. To achieve this goal, we make Samatol Friends, who are well wishers of Samatol.  That is why all 37 camps conducted so far, are arranged at different places, so that, more Samatol Friends are achieved as well as social responsibility. Also, Samatol got a few Friends, who helped us with economical help. It is worth to see the reunion of parents with their child. It is full of emotions and happiness.Samatol ..

Manparivartan Camps

The idea of Manparivartan Camps is basically for long term counselling of children, who are addicted to bad habits.  To make them de-addicted and home orientation is the main purpose of Manparivartan Camp. These camps are conducted for 5 weeks (45 days).The first week is for getting the child used to the child-friendly atmosphere.The second week is for good and bad (family, friends, habits, etc.).The third week is to know the family background, education & child psychology.The fourth ..


Samatol Foundation wants to strike a ‘balance’ between NGOs and government organisations.Having a network of communication is important to get in touch with local authorities...

Station Work

Samatol’s main basis of work occurs on the platforms of junction railway stations. Children who runaway from home usually board a train, and land mainly at these junction railway stations..