The shelter is a temporary accommodation given to the children facing problems at the railway stations. The child needs care and protection which is provided at the Samatol Shelter.
Samatol Foundation has its Shelter at DadojiKonddev Stadium, Thane.
At the shelter, Samatol follows foursome:
1. Samata (Equality) - All children are treated equally.
2. Mamata (Emotional Support) – Since these children are from small age group (6-12 years), Samatol provides them with emotional support.
3. Tohfa (Reward) - Samatol handover the missing child to their parents.
4. Lakshya (Target) - Samatol does not only do the rehabilitation of children but target the complete child education & development.
Samatol Foundation is working on opening more Shelter Homes at the locations they are working at the moment, like, Pune, Jalgaon, etc.