Station work:

In the year 2004, Shri Vijay Jadhav, who was a common person in the society, has founded Samatol Foundation. Earlier he was involved in Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and was obsessed to do something for the stray children, who run away from their homes for various reasons.
He has started this work under the name of Samatol Foundation and in the next 15 years; Samatol Foundation has grown up to greater heights. At Samatol, it’s a continuous process of doing better than yesterday and that’s the key for success. Since Samatol is not running a hostel, we make every attempt to do the proper rehabilitation of the child they found on railway stations.
The main reason to start the work at Railway Stations is that Railway is the most convenient way to travel for the children, who run away from the home. Till date, Samatol has successfully reunited around 10,000 children with their families.